Domains of Development:

There are developmental continuities in terms of children‘s physical, cognitive and socio-emotional abilities. BusyBees playschool Curriculum address the following interrelated domains of holistic development through a play and activity based approach which focuses on development of life skills.

Physical Well-being, Health and Motor Development:

physical and motor development during the early years supports young children‘s academic achievement, general health, positive self esteem, managing stress and social development.

Gross motor control:

Gross motor control includes body balance and coordination; movement and gross motor skills such as running, jumping, hoping, skipping and manipulations with balls such as kicking, throwing, catching etc.

Fine motor skills:

Fine motor skills involves using and coordinating the small muscles with dexterity (shows during self help skills). Eye-hand coordination helps in manipulating small materials / writing tools such as holding crayons, painting brushes using children friendly etc. Music and Movement
activities support in developing spatial sense. Providing nutrition, health and hygiene iss important for physical well-being.

Language Development:

language development is crucial at preschool stage it provides the foundation for later learning. It includes listening and comprehension; oral skills/speaking and communicating; vocabulary development; pre-literacy/emergent literacy skills like phonological awareness; print awareness and
concepts; letter-sound correspondence; recognition of letters; building words and sentences and early writing and introduction to language of school transaction.

Cognitive Development:

Cognition refers to the processes of knowing and understanding the environment around us. It includes development of various concepts, including pre-number and number concepts and operations (knowledge and skills related to comparing, classification, seriation, conservation of space and quantity, one-to-one correspondence, counting); spatial sense; patterns and estimations in measurement; data handling; skills related to sequential thinking, critical thinking, observing, reasoning and problem solving; and knowledge of concepts related to the physical, social and natural environment.

Development of Creative and Aesthetic Appreciation:

Exploring different art forms, developing dispositions, expression and appreciation for artistic, dance/ drama and musical activities.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Development of self-concept; self-control; life skills/ self-help skills; habit formation; initiative and curiosity; engagement and persistence; cooperation; compassion; social relationships; group interaction; pro-social behaviour; expressing feelings, accepting others‘ feelings.

Here in BusyBees we make sure that children develop in several areas or domains simultaneously. as these domains of development are interdependent and interrelated to each other, each of these domains is equally important to all children.