About Us



Highly accomplished educational professional with extensive experience in the field of Education for more than 12 years. Experience across Early Childhood Education & anti-bias learning with strong play based philosophy. Dedicated in providing the young minds innovative, creative and best possible environment. Experience in innovative program designing & classroom dynamics across early years. Mentored and trained other educational professionals in small and large groups.

Facilitated comprehensive range of trainings from NLP, wellbeing coaching, parenting, conflict resolution etc. as per individual and Corporate Training. Mind Coached and trained people from all walks of life.

Made an impactful, Continuous research in the fields of Early Childhood Education, Handwriting Analysis & Personality Development.

Attended various National and International Accredited Conferences.

Trained school and college students of esteemed educational institutions across districts. Conducted motivation camps and handwriting training in various govt. schools

  • A Certified in applied psychology in early childhood education.
  • Member of early childhood education.
  • Certified NLP practitioner Certified wellness coach Certified parenting coach.
  • Certified Associate leadership and executive coach.
  • Participated in Norte Dame De Namur University California leadership summit.
  • Participator in Finnish education training(Finland).
  • participated in national seminar cum workshop on early childhood developmental and learning disabilities -Osmania university.
  • Diploma in nutrition.
  • 10 years of experience in handwriting and personality development classes.

About Busybees

BusyBees is unique in its approach offering a modern education with traditional values and social structure. Everything at BusyBees is designed to provide the best possible care for your child, in a safe and loving environment. BusyBees is a wonder place for children with homely, nurturing, active and intimate environment with dedicated teachers and care takers.

At BusyBees the start of a child’s independent experience away from home. We aim to provide a joyful journey to knowledge and confidence for the preschool children. We realize that young children are naturally thinking, creative and communicative. BusyBees envisions nurturing these qualities that will help children transition from home to main stream schooling. Here the children play and learn with toys, puzzles and beads. Sing and dance with friends, listen to stories, get to know colours,numbers and letters, hold a crayon, paint, scribble, tear and paste. Our curriculum is child centric and provides a flexible, challenging and child sensitive environment through play based teaching strategies for effective learning. Our integrated curriculum ensures the all-round development of the intellectual cognitive, motor, social, creative, physical and emotional skills. The curriculum also includes excursions to places such as a post office, parks, and nature walks. Children are given the opportunity to grow and to learn in an atmosphere of genuine warmth and affection by a team of motivated, warm and loving experienced teachers.